10 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Jun 25, 2021Marketing, Real Estate

Social Media Accounts

Each social media network comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to have multiples to cover the bases of targeted audiences. 

Facebook is great for anyone above the age of 65 where they occupy 46% of its users. Youtube is popular with anyone above the age of 40, occupying 84% of its users. 57% of Instagram’s users are people between the ages of 25 and 40.

Facebook is the most common and useful social media platform for real estate companies. There are 2.8 billion active users per month which makes Facebook the largest and most popular social media platform. 

Youtube can help your real estate company visually display the properties you are offering. These videos can not only present a glimpse into properties that are for sale but showcase the entire estate. Hiring a video team to develop professional videos would increase your credibility as a company. 

Instagram is a platform great for showcasing. It’s composed of pictures, making it a great platform to express your content through photos and short videos. This gives your audience a visual representation of the types of homes you offer. 

Regularly Scheduled Posts

To establish a solid presence on social media, sharing content on a regular basis will help ensure likes, shares, and saves. Consistency is key when displaying your mark as a real estate agent or company. Regularly scheduled posts indicate the stability of your business. 

If you’re a busy agent, it’s important to create a list of what content you are sharing when. Studies have shown the best times to share content is started at 10 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

For Facebook, it’s best to share from 8 am to 12 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Instagram, it’s best to share a post at 11am on Wednesdays. And on LinkedIn, it’s best to post at 9 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 


If you are a real estate agent who is still trying to get into the game, having a LinkedIn account can help you immensely. This site is similar to Facebook where you can make posts through writing, sharing, and videos. But instead of connecting current and old friends and family members, it connects professionals from multiple industries. 

Linked in a beneficial platform where you can demonstrate your real estate experience and expertise. You can use this platform as a sort of portfolio to show to your future clients, expressing your knowledge of the market. 

Putting work into your LinkedIn profile will strengthen your niche as a real estate agent. Share the properties you have to offer, the properties you have already sold, and connect with others who work for or with you. 

Share videos

As described before, Youtube and videos can help visually represent what your real estate company has to offer on the market. Videos can showcase the properties, inside and outside, to your clients. 

This has been extremely helpful through the past year. Due to covid-19, people weren’t able to see possible homes in person. With detailed virtual tours, they displayed every nook and cranny of properties for potential home-buyers to see before making their final decision on a purchase. 

Videos can continue to be helpful by others sharing the properties you have to offer, letting the word get around what your real estate company has available on the market. 


Hashtags help any social media account slither into a social media feed where other members are given suggested accounts to follow. They will help your posts reach out to your targeted audience to generate new leads. 

Hashtags are most important on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm works on hashtags, letting members search certain hashtags for them to be able to see related content. 

There are multiple hashtags to choose from for the real estate market. From locations to design style to your company name. It’s important to tag as many diverse, yet related, hashtags at the end of your post to cast your net farther across the social media platform.

Local Content

In order to achieve a successful sale, your clients need to trust you and the knowledge that you possess to give them the home they’ve been looking for. One of the best ways to indicate your expertise is to reveal what the local housing market has to offer and the most recent trends within it. 

Alternating between facts about your area and posting listings is a great way to showcase your knowledge of the housing market. Tiktok is best for doing this. With trends like poking your fingers towards information and doing certain music challenges, you can use this as a marketing tool to display your extended knowledge in real estate. 

Online Ads

From Google to Facebook to Youtube, these platforms display advertisements for your business, reaching your audience on a wider scale. 

Google ads are very cost-effective for professional real estate agents. Since Google is attached to practically every social media platform it reaches everyone online. From displaying advertisements on the sides of other websites to showcasing results through Google’s search engine, it’s hard to not want to use Google ads as a priority marketing strategy. 

Facebook advertisements are also cost-effective as well as receive high engagement rates and target a wide range of audiences. It may be a bit expensive to put an advertisement about your real estate professionalism, but your revenue will increase by at least 30%.

Advertising yourself as a real estate agent on Youtube can help your name appear on the 1st page of Google searches. It is SEO friendly, is inbound marketing-friendly, and gets your audience to engage with you through the comments. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps rank your website content higher in Google search results. Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve website traffic when being searched through keywords, competitor analysis, articles, blog posts, and links. 

SEO is a long-term strategy compared to advertisements which can generate leads instantaneously. It, unfortunately, does take time to build up profits from SEO, but then it will become your lead generator in achieving high Google search ratings. 

Responding to your Audience

Reaching out to your audience either through comments, videos, or direct messages shows them that you are a real person. You care about how they see your content, appreciate them for their views, and for taking the time to visit your website. 

Great customer service is what gets people to share information about you and your real estate company. Without it, you will not be referred to by others which will break you. Responding to 


Email marketing is considered to be one marketing strategy that is going out of date, but it is still effective. By sending out emails to potential clients through subscriptions and memberships you can create lead magnets for property buyers, sellers and investors. By doing that, you can promote those magnets through your website and advertisements. 

Once clients start subscribing to your email list in exchange for leads, you can begin making different email lists for sellers, buyers, and inventors. This is called audience segmentation

You can even use email to send out weekly or daily emails to remind your investors, sellers, and buyers about what you can offer. You can also send out market trends, real estate tips, and more. Along with those, you can even share reviews from former clients, strengthening your credibility.