Is Your Business Listed On Google Map?

Jul 13, 2021Marketing

Claiming a business on Google Maps has several advantages for your business. It allows users to find your small business easily and quickly, which can be very important if you’re working from home or traveling internationally. 

Unlike other business locating services, Google Maps can pinpoint your location accurately within a three-mile radius. This gives your business a much better chance of being found by customers who might have problems finding you otherwise.  

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a map that shows all businesses within a certain radius of your location. You can place markers on the map to help visitors find your business, or use it as a general location tool to help patrons find businesses nearby. 

It is an important addition to your business portfolio and a powerful tool for ranking your business in search results. You can promote your location, upload marketing, and other files, and share information about your company’s services and products. 

Why should you include Google My Business in your business’ directory? Simple – it adds location-based information that sites like Google find very useful, such as in determining the best local restaurants or attractions for visitors. 

The steps to claim your business on Google Maps

  1. To claim your business you will need to sign up to create a Google My Business account. In your chosen domain (for example, make sure it is your business name and not your actual name or a username. Then pick what type of business category you belong in.
  2. Next, add your business’s physical location. Make sure the address is spelled correctly with the right numbers, street name, town, state, and zipcode. 
  3. Choose how business will be displayed on Google Maps. You will be asked to choose whether you’d like your business to be shown outside of your service area. 
  4. Enter the phone that is related to your business. Whether it is your own cell phone or a landline, this will be the phone number that will be calling in order to contact your business. 
  5. Make sure you verify your business in order for your business to be accepted on Google Maps. Or else your business’s location will not come up when the name is searched. You will receive a verification code after you sign up by email or text message. 

Congratulations! You’ve made your business profile on Google My Business. 

5 benefits Google My Business give to Customers or Clients

If you are a business owner, there are many benefits to claiming your location on Google Maps. 

  1. By marking your location as a business on Google My Business, potential customers can see your business as an option when searching for directions within the Google Maps platform. 
  2. Appropriate information is shared with your potential customers. Since you are the person who takes control of your business’s account through Google maps, your customers are getting the most current, correct, and up-to-date information possible. 
  3. Customers are able to reach you easily and more quickly. Instead of having customers search your business and figure out what your phone number, email, or website is, Google will pop up your contact information right away. 
  4. Since your company will pop up instantly after being google searched, your customers are able to leave a review or comment about your products or services. 90% of customers read online reviews to assess the credibility of a local business. It’s very important for you as a business owner to make sure the reviews previous customers are leaving behind are good ones.  Or else you may need to reevaluate the quality of your products or service along with your customer service.
  5. It’s always beneficial when a customer or client is able to communicate with your business. Google My Business makes that happen with Google Hangouts where you are able to communicate with ten to fifteen customers at a time. 

You are able to instantly connect with your customers while helping them all out with their questions or concerns instead of at a time.